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สุพิสัณห์ ฝึกฝน
Narathip Thumawongsa
นราธิป ธรรมวงศา
Srinakharinwirot University
Narathip Thumawongsa
นราธิป ธรรมวงศา
Keywords: Linking sounds
Consonant-to-vowel linking
EFL learners
Issue Date:  21
Publisher: Srinakharinwirot University
Abstract: This study investigated the effects of using English songs to enhance the recognition of learners of linking sounds in terms of consonant-to-vowel linking and examined the views towards the use of English songs in learning linking sounds among the 30 students studying in a ninth-grade EFL classroom in Bangkok, Thailand. The study was designed as quasi-experimental research. There were thirty participants studying in ninth grade (Mattayomsuksa Three) were selected through the convenient sampling method in the experiment. The research instruments were English songs selected from a survey conducted from a pilot study of ninth-grade students, a listening pre-test and post-test for linking sounds, lesson plans, and interview questions, which were approved for reliability and validity by three experts. The quantitative data were collected through the pre-test and post-test, and the scores were analyzed through a dependent t-test. Moreover, the qualitative data were collected through interviews with open-ended questions. The results of the study showed that the achievement level of the post-test scores were higher than the pre-test scores, indicating English songs could improve student recognition of consonant-to-vowel linking. In addition, most students reflected that songs could help them recognize linking sounds since the songs provided authentic English by giving native-like and clear pronunciation, as well as making language learning attractive. Moreover, students liked to learn through songs because songs offered an entertaining, relaxing atmosphere in class, as well as more interesting than other materials. In addition, songs were conveniently applied by students when practicing listening skills for linking sounds.
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