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Authors: MING YAN
Veera Phansue
วีระ พันธุ์เสือ
Srinakharinwirot University
Veera Phansue
วีระ พันธุ์เสือ
Keywords: Traditional Thai music
Contemporary music
Sonata form Fon Ngiao
Piano and Thai string chamber
Chamber music
Thai composers
Piano compositions
Western classical music
Thai classical music education
Issue Date:  15
Publisher: Srinakharinwirot University
Abstract: This research aims to explore the concept of original and contemporary Ngiao music, a traditional Thai musical form, and create a new sonata composition for piano and Thai string chamber ensemble. The study focuses on the music, history, and culture of Fon Ngiao, examining the syncretism of Thai and Western music through the analysis of contemporary Ngiao compositions. The research question explores how to effectively convey the aesthetic standard of Thai music to Western audiences through performance, despite the challenges of harmonizing Thai and Western music systems. The research is conducted in Bangkok, Thailand using qualitative methods such as surveys, interviews, and participant observation. The goal is to compose a new work blending Thai and Western music, promoting understanding and appreciation of Thai traditional music among university musicians and showcasing its beauty to a wider audience. The research also documents and analyzes the piano compositions of Natchar Pancharoen and Bruce Gaston, contributing to the preservation and promotion of Thai music. Furthermore, the study examines the role of the piano in Thai music and its integration into traditional Thai string ensembles, providing insights into the influence of Western classical music on Thai culture and society. Overall, this research offers a comprehensive analysis of Fon Ngiao and its adaptation, aiming to inspire the creation of modern music works with Thai characteristics.
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