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อรรถพร ประทุมชาติ
Supaporn Yimwilai
สุภาภรณ์ ยิ้มวิลัย
Srinakharinwirot University. Faculty of Humanities
Keywords: Digital Project-Based Learning
EFL Students
English Speaking Skills
Issue Date:  16
Publisher: Srinakharinwirot University
Abstract: This research aims to enhance the English-speaking skills of EFL students through digital project-based learning (DPBL). The objectives were as follows: (1) to explore the effects of DPBL on the English-speaking skills of lower speaking-proficiency students; (2) to explore the effects of DPBL on the English-speaking skills of higher speaking-proficiency students; (3) to compare the effects of DPBL on the speaking skills of EFL students in lower speaking-proficiency groups to higher speaking-proficiency groups; and (4) to investigate the opinions of the students about teaching speaking through DPBL. The participants consisted of 60 twelfth grade students divided into two groups: 30 lower speaking-proficiency students and 30 higher speaking-proficiency students.  The research instruments included twelve lesson plans, an English-speaking test, a questionnaire, a semi-structured interview, and a rubric of speaking skills.  The mean scores, standard deviation, a t-test analysis, and the analysis of covariance were used to analyze the quantitative data, while content analysis was used to analyze the qualitative data from the semi-structured interviews. The results revealed that there were statistically significant differences in the pretest and posttest mean scores of the higher speaking-proficiency students (t = 18.67, p < .05) and the lower speaking-proficiency students (t= 12.04, p < .05). This suggested that DPBL had positive effects on students from different backgrounds. The results from the questionnaire revealed that students had highly positive opinions about learning speaking through DPBL (M= 4.34). This indicated that the students favored this teaching method. This study pointed out that DPBL can be a good teaching method to enhance the speaking skills of the students.  
Description: MASTER OF ARTS (M.A.)
ศิลปศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต (ศศ.ม.)
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